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    ET1 default browser : onclick() triggering blocked after (un)zooming button appears 2 times ?



      I was testing one of our web application on ET1 "as is out of the box" (received mid-november 2011)

      I'm not using RhoElement... well I haven't installed it and didn't find it either in the installed applications (in case it was shipped with the tablet).

      Furthermore, based on the following posts, it's just about to be released for ET1 device ?




      I don't know if it's the right place for non RhoElement question...


      My problem is that the onclick event on button, look to be blocked from time to time, while using the tablet.

      This produce strange behavior for end-user like LOV not opening, working not launched...

      I first think this was some bad coding, but I managed to reproduce it on an online demo page :



      I can also reproduced it on this small html test case page : onclick.html


      (attached onclick.html)

              <script type = "text/javascript">
                  function copyText()
                      document.getElementById("field2").value=document.getElementById("field1").value+" "+i;
                  function razText()
                      document.getElementById("field2").value=" ";
              Field1:<input type = "text" id = "field1" value = "Hello World!"/>
              Field2:<input type = "text" id = "field2"/>
              <button onclick = "copyText()">Copy Text</button>
              <button onclick = "razText()">RAZ Text</button>
              <li>A function is triggered when the copy or raz button are clicked.</li>
              <li>The copy button copy the text in Field1 to Field2 and concat an increasing counter</li>
              <li>The raz button raz the content of Field2</li>
                  Often, after a (un)zooming operation that displays the -/+ zoom button,
                  the onclick (either on copy or raz button) is not triggered immediately !
              <p>Pressing the zoom(+) or unzoom(-) button unblock/trigger the onclick.</p>
              <p>A video showing this (not with this simple test case) is available here :
                  <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOrJSBxKEqA">Show me !</a>  (Youtube *private* link!)</p> 


      Details :

      The issue nearly always appears after a zooming/unzooming operation (and often after the right bottom zooming icons appear twice).

      I found that to make things works again (unblocking triggering), pressing the bottom right -/+ button gives always good result.

      I've made a video (with youtube annotations) showing this on the DOJO demo site :

      <== Youtube private link !


      Note : I've installed Firefox and Aurora and don't reproduce this behavior... but there's no (un)zooming buttons either !


      Any comment is welcome !






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          James Morley-Smith

          This certainly seems to be indicative of a bug in the Stock browser on Gingerbread.  I can say that RhoElements does not use the same version of WebKit so it will not suffer with this problem.  Having said that, RE does not currently support pinch zooming either!


          I suspect that this is occurring due to a mouse down event not being reset after the zoom gesture (needed to stop you accidentally pressing a button whilst zooming) but as this will be in the core code of Android Webkit I can't be sure.


          I'm sorry, other than trying your app on RE and using the zoom buttons, I can't see how this can be resolved.




          PS, great video!

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