ET1 Scanning weirdness...

So I'm testing the Rho ET 1 client and I'm getting a weird event where I wired up the right trigger to scanner.start(); ... If I press and hold the trigger, the aiming window comes up and I can scan a barcode and the DecodeEvent fires correctly putting data into the field.

However, if i just 'tap' the trigger and let go, the aiming window open for a split second, closes, then opens again. It lets me line up the barcode, gives me a positive beep, but the DecodeEvent never fires.

Any ideas?

Also - does anyone know how to suppress the SIP when you click into certain fields? Its annoying and sometimes we might want to permit only data being scanned in.

Robert Galvin
RonIt looks like you should


It looks like you should be using scanner.enable() instead of scanner.start. the later is to be used for a soft scan. Scanner.enable will turn on the scanner so that the hardware button is enabled for scan activation.

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Joydeep Chakraborty
Hi Ronald..Please go through

Hi Ronald..

Please go through SIP module under Device & Application in the RhoElements help file.

To supress a SIP please call

sip.manual();  in Javascript


If you want to do using HTML metatags.Then you can write in HTML Head section

<META HTTP-Equiv="SIP" Content="Manual">

This will suppress your SIP.SIP will not appear each time you will put the focus inside input boxes.SIP will only appear when you will click on SIP button manually.

To reactivate the SIP please call


And for the scanner as Rob has already said you need to use scanner.enable() and then press the trigger.

scanner.start() enables the scanner and as well as starts the beam.

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