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    Signal indicators not position correctly...

      I'm using the battery and signal indicators. I'm working on the ET1.

      I have meta tags defining them on load:

      <META HTTP-Equiv="Battery" Content="Left:400;Top:24;Layout:Left;color:#66CD00;visibility:visible">

      <META HTTP-Equiv="Signal" Content="Left:460; Top:24; Color:#66CD00; Layout:right; Visibility:Visible">


      Well I've changed my mind and I'm trying to re-position them at the bottom of the screen.

      I'm using jquery and I've tied this function to the screen resizing:


      function indicatorPosition(){
           pagewidth = $(document).width();
           if (pagewidth ==1024){
                battery.top = 500;
                signal.top =500;
           else if (pagewidth ==600){
                battery.top = 910;
                signal.top = 900;


      In this scenario  - when I have the device in landscape, only the battery icon shows up and only in its original position at top:24. When I go to portrait, the battery icon stays at top:24, but the signal indicator goes to top:900.


      It appears like that the device won't position the icon lower than 900 in portrait mode... and if its beyond the threshold it does support it falls back to the Meta top command - please advise.