New Install No RhoMobile option for new project

Installed v2 Beta 2. I don't see an option for RhoMobile under new Project.

Jeremiah MacDonald
found this post from another

found this post from another thread:

When installing RhoStudio on an older system, sometimes other software

would hang a reference to some jre they provided in their package on

the path.  Eclipse (IDE for RhoStudio) will look for this and if it is

too old you will have problems.  Had a DBA that would do that all the

time and it was a royal PIA.  Get any referance to old jre off the

path, you can put a current one on the path, but you don't have to.

Windows 7 and above, it is not a problem, but VISTA down, it is now

the first thing I check.  Check the system path too, those DBA's just

love it.

Once I changed my java_home from jdk_1,5_ibm to 1.6 it worked.

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