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      customer would like to know the following:


      I develop the Web dialog with the NetBeans development environment (Oracle). This includes an application server (Tomcat or GlassFish). I can run along in the development environment to monitor and analyze the HTTP requests. In this analysis, I have found that the Motorola device or browser RhoElements sends no locale on the server (in this case I have to correct me!). The browser does not send always the locale "de-US" but does not send any Locale. In Appendix I attached document from which it is to be found. I started the first dialogue of MDE development PC (Locale is sent). Then I started the dialogue from the device under RhoElements (locale is "empty" - please note the "used software"). And finally, I've started the dialogue from the device to the Internet Explorer (Locale is sent).


      Thanks for the help and attention