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    Cannot Open SSL Page with Untrusted Certificate on ET1 with RhoElements

    Lawrence Aron

      We're having some difficulty logging onto sites with *untrusted* certificates (like router HTML pages that employ SSL):


      1.  Browsing to an *untrusted* site using the ET1 *without* RhoElements works.

      2.  Opening a *trusted* page under RhoElements works.

      3.  Attempting to open an *untrusted* page *with* Rho Elements fails. 


      Rho Version:


      There is a post here that concerns SSL on .NET, but it seems to be a separate issue and there is no mention in that thread for the ET1, so I'm opening a new discussion.  We've verified that the device has the current date/time and we've also tried allowing cookies (which was suggested for Windows-based devices).


      Under a "normal" browsing session, untrusted sites usually display a warning with the option to continue if the site is known.  On the ET1 under Rho, this invariably comes up as "Location not found" and no further action is possible.


      Has anyone else seen this?  Does anyone have an explanation/solution?


      Any help would be appreciated.