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    RhoElements local Web server path on ET1

    Adel Sari

      Hi every body,

      i am trying to configure RhoE to run a local Web server on the ET1, i create a 'wwwroot' folder (on the sdcard) with a test.html file in it,

      I follow exactly the steps in the help file, so i add to config.xml this section


          <Enabled   VALUE="1"/>

          <Port      VALUE="8080"/>

          <WebFolder VALUE="\wwwroot"/>

          <Public    VALUE="0"/>



      Navigating to http://localhost:8080/test.htm generate an error 'Web page not available'.

      i can navigate to the file with this path: file://sdcard/wwwroot/test.html without problem.

      i tried to put port value to 80, i get the same problem.


      I join the config.xml.

      am I missing some thing ?