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    MobileHTML5.org - anyone already evaluated Rho using Maximiliano Firtman's Grid or something similar?

    Harold Reeves

      While visiting with a customer last week- he referenced his favorite evaluation tool on the web for HTML5 mobility focused versions- http://mobilehtml5.org/ and asked if we at Motorola Solutions had evaluated our own Rho Elements v1 and v2 as a potential column to be added to the tables in this website.


      Here the following HTML5 mobile platforms are compared:

      • Safari on iOS
      • Android Browser
      • Google Chrome
      • Amazon Silk
      • Blackberry Browser
      • Nokia Browser
      • Internet Explorer
      • Opera Mobile
      • Opera Mini
      • Firefox
      • WebOS Browser


      I like the way this information is organized- has anyone already begun to track this type of information for our releases and evaluate across platforms as this site attempts?








      Message was edited by: Harold Reeves Thanks Peter- Link Corrected! Now shows http://mobilehtml5.org/