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    installation on virtual terminal: NO WAY

    William Piedfort



      I have no Motorola terminal on hand cause obsolescence, so I develop on virtual terminals such as those provided by Microsoft.


      I have seen that installation is unsuccessful (bacause it is not a Moto machine)


      This NO WAY to continue on such basis.


      Expecting a next version more opened version or a tip to get that work,





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          Jeffrey Kukkola

          For Rhoelement 1.0.3 you can simulate the look in the Chrome browser? You do not have access to the device specific calls but then we have not had access to them in the emulators before (ie. no scanner in the emulator) when doing .Net programming.

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            Peter Arcuri

            William,   RhoElements ver 1.x is focused on Motorola Solutions devices. However version 2 adds - to be released first week of May - will provide support for all popular consumer devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android and even Backberry. Version 2 provides an IDE with which you would define your application one and chose the deployment method, be it Motorola devices and leveraging Moto's Webkit and integration of device capabilities, or target non-Moto devices. The IDE will support plugins from the various OSes' SDK, iOS, Android and WinMo SDK, through which you can run your application on it's emulator.  In addition, for quick testing version 2 also provides a simulator to run, test and debug your apps in a virtual terminal like environment.  Stay tuned, you will hear about about release of version 2 shortly.