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    Jquery mobile development

    Kenneth Crafton

      All - A newbee (me) needs some advice on Jquery mobile development...


      Is anyone aware of a easy development environment that will let me design web screen layouts using JQuery mobile and also let me integrate any business logic in the code?  I can’t seem to find a single tool that lets me easily work on both the GUI and business logic.  The easiest tool I found for working on the GUI is Codiqa’s (http://www.codiqa.com ) online tool for designing the screens using all JQuery mobile widgets.  They have a very easy drag and drop tool that is very fast and easy to use.  The problem with Codiqa is that it only allows you to work on the GUI and only with JQuery mobile widgets.  Once I get a screen created with Codiqa, I download the source code and then upload it to Maqetta’s online designer (www.maqetta.org) .  Maqetta lets me add additional non-JQuery mobile components to the page and also lets me view and modify the source to add the business logic.  Maqetta is heavy into Dojo widgets vs. Jquery. 


      What I’d like is a tool like Maqetta that has the easy Jquery mobile drag and drop features of Codiqa.  I don’t think anything in the Rho family can provide this...correct me if I'm wrong.  Are you aware of anything else that does?


      I tried using Rho Studio, but it doesn’t seem to render the screens I developed in Codiqa properly and it doesn’t provide the easy JQuery mobile drag and drop tools like Codiqa.  I’ve also tried Blue Griffon, but it also doesn’t render the JQuery mobile screens from Codiqa properly.




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          Robert Galvin



          Regarding taking it from codiqa to RhoStudio: It does not look exactly, because you need to make sure you change the CSS/JS that is used in the layout.erb. By default it is including CSS files that override styles per operating system. I would suggest clearing the HEAD section in the layout.erb and make it look like the HEAD section you get from codiqa


          Sounds like a good tutorial for me to put together walking someone through these prototyping tools into Rho. Thanks for pointing it out. I am not familiar with Magetta but will have a look.