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    Support HTML5 in Windows Mobile


      Will Windows Mobile Support HTML5 without Rho Elements..? I have to run pure HTML5 without using Rho Elements.

      If not, Is there any browsers that supporting HTML5 in Windows Mobile devices..?


      Please reply


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          Peter Arcuri

          Hi Rahman,   Given that you have registered to this dev forum you are targeting Motorola devices. As you probably found native browsers has a huge gap when it comes to HTML5 support. Yes you could potentially fill the gap through 3rd party browsers such as iris, skyfire, opera mini and others. Be cautioned that individually they all bring some level of HTML5 support that varies from scoring 25 to 150 points out of 500 from a compatibility standpoint. Now, even if you were able to limit your application development to suit one of these browsers, you wouldn’t be able to leverage device capabilities through your app such as scanner, battery query, signature capturing, WLAN, WWAN, mobile printing and many more.  RhoElements not only expose these APIs but provides an high and consistent level of HTML5 support which includes all components you need to develop a secure enterprise class line-of-business application. Motorola’s focuses on furnishing and supporting complete enterprise grade tools and solutions that include security, MDM and lifecycle support.

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            See ZetaKey browser. It shows  320 or so points for WM.