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    rake run:win32 and MS 2010 Express Edition

    Jeffrey Cookle


      Is it possible to build a win32 application using Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition. The instructions online(indicated in body below) has this setup to add the "WTL" directory inside of Visual Studio, but in 2010, that doesn't exist, it moved to a per project basis.   Does this still need to be setup?


      Also, when I do a "rake run:win32" I get an error that /M4 is an unknown switch. When I look at the documentation for MSBUILD, it looks like it is supposed to be /M:4 and didn't know how to change that in the process.




      WTL : http://wtl.sourceforge.net/ :

      • unzip to folder: \VC\WTL
      • open in Visual studio menu  Tools\Options\Projects and solutions\VC++ directories. Select platform – Win32; Show directories for – Include files; Add – $(VCInstallDir)wtl\include