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    How to link from a RE v2 native app to a local HTML page?

    Ian Hatton

      I have the RE v2 shared runtime installed and want to modify my index.erb to allow me to show both native and hybrid apps from the same menu. The link below works OK for calling a web-based hybrid app:


      <li><a href=http://myserver.com/myapp/index.html>Hybrid Web-based App</a></li>


      Neither of the links below work for a local hybrid app:


      <li><a href="file://\application\redemo\index.html">Hybrid Local App</a></li>

      <li><a href="http://localhost/myapp">Hybrid Local App</a></li>


         Can anyone confirm the correct format to launch a Hybrid app from the \Application folder ( or any other folder on the device)?


      Best Regards,

      Ian Hatton