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    Datawedge enter key on ET1

      Hello to everyone,

      I am developing a native application on ET1 and I am trying to trigger the ENTER key when

      datawedge has finished scanning a barcode. I have configured the datawedge's settings

      to send a ENTER key code after the scanning is complete but the OnKeyPressed event

      is not triggered at all. I also noticed that datawedge appends a space character after the barcode.

      Can anyone help?

      Thank you in advance.



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          Are you trying to scan a bar code into a multi-line text field? If not, then you'll just get a space instead of an ENTER key. For example, the Google search text field on the home screen is a single-line text field, so you'll get a space after every bar code scanned, even if you configured the ENTER key to be appended.

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            Arsen Bandurian

            I don't know whether this is a bug or feature, but I worked around it by using ADF "Send Char" action with code 10 (LF).


            Here's how I set up my DW profile:

            1. Clear 'Basic Data Formatting' -> Enable (to disable it)

            2. 'Advanced Data Formatting'

            • Enable (we will be using ADF)
            • Tap 'Rule0', ensure it's enabled.
              • Set up any criteria you want, I did not set up any (matches everything)
              • There is one action by default: "Send Remaining". Tap the Menu key and select 'New Action' -> Send Char (the last one on the list)
              • Tap the newly appeared 'Send char' and specify code 10 (LF).
                • Note that Code 13 (CR) is not working - for whatever reason it also generates space!!

            3. You are done. Test it. I tested in Chrome URL bar (scanning barcode triggered navigation) and Google Docs (scanning barcode triggered new line)


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                Lutz Siebert

                Hi There, (edit: problem solved)


                unfortunately it doesn't work for me.

                On my ET1 i try to scan into a remote desktop session.

                I have the last available OS Update installed.

                On the server side a CMD, a WordPad and an Excel are running. (MS Server 2008)

                Only the CMD accespts your solution. The others not.


                Do somebody have any other hints and tipps to solve this?

                Many thanks in advance, and







                ...it's me again:

                It doesn't matter what you set under Basic Formatting...

                You have to do the following:

                1. Edit your Advanced data formatting rule (in most cases maybe default rule) and add a line which adds a character at the end of scanned data.

                2. If your character is 13 (Carriage Return) then you have to enable the action key character "Carriage return" in section "Keystroke output".

                Enable "Line feed" if your added character is a Line Feed (10).

                You have to decide what kind of ENTER you need. Both at the same time are not configurable...

                In my case both are working as needed with Excel, cmd, Notepad, Wordpad, .. via Remote desktop.



                There is a nice Enterprise RDP client available for the android world... works pretty good and has many more features than the MS RDP Client.

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                Ferenc Buzas


                I see it is an old post but me is actual right now. Using .NET Symbol.barcode2 namespace I would like configuring my Motorola MC3200 inbuilt scanner for sending ENTER after scanned data. Could you explain the way for it?