XML or Other Tools to Change ET1 Settings?

Customer is requesting ability to push a standard configuration MSP package to the ET1 that can change at least the following settings:

  • Screen Timeout
  • Browser Home Page


In addition, it would be nice to be able to change the following:

  • Screen Rotation
  • Brightness (including automatic brightness)
  • Volume
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth (on/off)
  • Wi-Fi (on/off)


I have found open source code that appears to do this (http://www.freewarelovers.com/android/app/quick-settings ) on Android- but it doesn't look to support a configuration file where input could be standardized across multiple devices.

I wanted to check if someone had already solved this problem before attempting to go through a random open source google search resolution.

Michael Holman
I have also been asked for a

I have also been asked for a method of doing this via MSP.

Any progress or updates you can share?

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