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    forms authentication issue

    Frank Schmitt

      We have an asp.net 3.5 application (webforms) that uses Forms authentication running on IIS 6 that devices currently access with Pocketbrowser (MC55A0).  The authentication works in Pocketbrowser/Chrome/IE, but from RhoElements (1.0.2 and 1.0.3 with HF_SPR_22122) on an MC55A0, it doesn't. 

      We are using two websites, a menu website (no authentication) with a list of options, and website2 which has authenticated content.
      When clicking on the link to website2 from the menu website, it successfully redirects to the login page, but once I submit the login information, I see an application error "The resource can not be found".  The resource is /HHAdmin/Login.aspx (the same page it was just able to display). 
      When I look at the weblogs, I see:

      Request for /HHAdmin/MyAuthenticatedPage.aspx.  Response 302 (redirect to login page /HHAdmin/Login.aspx)
      Request for /HHAdmin/Login.aspx.  Response 200 (success)
      (no more requests on website1)
      In the log for the menu website, I then see:
      Request for /HHAdmin/Login.aspx. Response 404 (not found, because this should be requested from website2, not the menu).

      So I think RhoElements is sending the request to the incorrect website.  Has anyone else had this issue?  Is there a fix or workaround for this? 

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          Sushil Gusain


          Most common cause for this error(Response 302) is that the URL you entered redirects to another URL.Please check this by going to the URL you entered in ManageWP and check if the URL in the address bar of your browser changes. If it does, you need to remove this redirect and use the new Version of RhoElements, available on the site.


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            Darryn Campbell

            Hi Frank,


            It could be some issue with redirects, but it's difficult for us to try to reproduce the issue without your setup.  Have you tried with the new RhoElements version that came out the other day?  (, that contains several fixes to our WebKit port around HTTP header handling.  You don't need to write a new native application, after installation you'll find cab files for WM / CE at C:\MotorolaRhoMobileSuite2.0.5\RhoElements2 Shared Runtime that you can install just as you did RE1 and run your application.


            Alternatively, if this is still an issue we'd need some way of reproducing the problem.  Thanks, Darryn

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                Frank Schmitt


                   Thanks for the reply.  I upgraded to and still had the issue.  I uploaded two websites you can test with.  Just change the "url" in the web.config of RhoMenu to wherever you publish RhoTest.  I was running it in IIS 6.


                While making those projects for you, I found a way to work around it.  I'll post it here in case anyone else needs it.

                In the web.config, I updated from:


                      <deny users="?"/>

                      <allow users="*"/>




                      <allow users="*"/>


                This makes it so that everyone (including non-authenticated users) is allowed to access the page.  I then handled the login process in the master page by displaying the login panel if they were not authenticated yet, and the real content if they are authenticated.  That avoided a redirect and worked in RhoElements.