Fix Damage Report demo's link file for localized Window Mobile OSes

Hi all,

just a note on how to modify the Damage Report link file to fix the demo for Localized OSes.

After installation, you will find the "Damage Report.lnk" file inside the "\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\" Folder (last part of the path is language dependent, for Italian OSes you have "\Windows\Start Menu\Programmi\").

copying this file to the PC through Activesync you can change his extension and edit it to fix the pathname to the RhoElements runtime.

What happens is that this link file expect to have the RhoElements runtime inside the "\Program Files\RhoElements\" folder, but, on localized OSes, the "\Program Files" folder can have a different name.

For example, on Italian OSes, the path to the runtime is "\Programmi\RhoElements\RhoElements.exe".

When you edit the link file pay attention to fix the number at the beginning of the line that represent the length of the line.