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    Scanner decodeEvent don't fire

    Adel Sari

      Hi every body,

      Trying to test the Scanner fonctionnality on the ET1 with RhoElements V2, my DecodeEvent never fire, i try the InventoryManagement project but i get the same problem,

      just when i call Scanner.start it works fine, i don't want to use a soft start, the user must press the scan button.

      i have tested the HolloScan which works fine with RhoElements, but in vain the same result, DecodeEvent don't fire.


      my code is like this:

      def enableScanner

            Scanner.decodeEvent = url_for(:action => :scannerEventListener)




      def scannerEventListener

            $scanResult = @params['data']

           WebView.execute_js("setFieldValue('result', " + $scanResult + ");")



      is their any thing i am missing ? Why the same HolloScan.html works fine on RE1.0.3.11 and not on RE2 ? is their any thing to do in the config file ?