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    Error 422 using .NET plugin

    Gerbrand Stap

      I get an error '(422)' when using the RhoConnect.NET plugin to connect to a RhoConnect server. The error occurs in when notifying RhoConnect of an update or delete.

      I read somewhere that this may be due to a wrong api token, but I checked (and double checked) that one.

      Can anyone tell me what this error means?

        • Re: Error 422 using .NET plugin
          Gerbrand Stap

          Api tokens were type correctly, but somehow the setting in the RhoConnect application was not used. Instead some generated token like '123456789abcdef' was used.

          At the moment I installed the new release of RhoMobile Suite (2.0.5, released yesterday), started a new RhoConnnect application and changed the api_token setting. It now seems to work.

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