Unable to render known webpage

A client is currently running their HTM5/javascript adequately off the ET1 running RhoElements v1.0.3.11 and decided to test RhoEv2.0.5.27 in the hope of improving performance but has encountered a problem with:


“You have attempted to access a

restricted URL.”

The URL contains an invalid parameter.


Navigating to the site with Chrome a security alert is displayed... prompting the user to accept the site as a trusted site. This popup doesn't displayed in RhoElements version 1 or 2, yet the site renders properly in version 1 but not in version 2.

Helpdesk case 2613903 was created.

Darryn Campbell
Hi Peter,This could be

Hi Peter,

This could be related to the VerifyPeerCertificates change (detailed by Rob at https://developer.motorolasolutions.com/message/3168#3168) it might be worth following the steps to try turning off peer certificate checking as a work around.



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