ET1 Machine Cert

I've had some sucess deploying and using a EAP-TLS User Certificate, anyone done this with a Machine Cert?  Customer tells me leaving the User Cert blank and using the CA Cert is not working.  "On point # 6, it looks like this instruction is for installing user certificate?  The certificate that I have is machine certificate.  I have tried to select CA Cert and leave the User Cert blank but that doesn’t fix the problem."



Using a User Cert.

  1. 1. Browse to the directory you saved the certificate and rename the .pfx file to .p12
  2. 2. Connect the ET1 to your PC, from the ET1 turn on USB Mass Storage
  3. 3. Copy the p12 file to the root of the SD card
  4. 4. From the Settings / Location and Security menu Install the .p12 certificate from the SD card
  5. 5. If not already enabled turn on Use Secure Credentials
  6. 6. Create a new wireless profile using 802.1x Eap, select TLS as the EAP method, leave the Phase 2 auth, CA Cert blank, select the User Certificate in the User Cert drop down and enter the user ID for the user which the certificate was generated into the Identiy Field.

Answered my own question

It is possible

During the Certificate generation there is a Common Name assigned to the Certificate, Example of a common name is


I changed the Domain to to protect the retailer that set this up but the rest of the Name is an actual.


On the ET1- import the Cert similar to the User Cert shown above, select EAP TLS, Phase 2 blank, leave the CA blank, select the machine Cert as your User Cert, the Identity is the common name used to create the cert (host/, Anonymous ID and password you can leave blank.