Can't access Google Maps from Java app on ET-1

My customer, Home Depot, has a java Android app that they would like to run on the ET-1, but it fails because it requires the Google Maps components.

Here is the failure:

     Package com.thehomedepot requires unavailable shared library;

I assume this failure is a result of the fact that the MX OS does not include the Google Marketplace Services (GMS).  Is anyone aware of a workaround for this?  We can recompile the app if  necessary.



Robin West
Hayden,  The workaround is to

Hayden,  The workaround is to use another product.  Below are a couple of options.  Google Maps is not supported on a Motorola Android device at this time.


•Android SDK available for free, runs on ET-1:

•Read the Ts &Cs regarding commercial applications

•Can use licensed data or OpenStreetMaps

ArcGIS from ESRI

•Full featured GIS – custom maps, no advertising…

•GIS App as well as an SDK with its own MapView

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