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    Non-motorola device support?

      Hey folks,

      I was working on prototyping some stuff with RhoElements for our company a while back but one thing that was really inhibiting us from moving forward was that planned support for non-motorola devices was in the pipe - but not available yet- has this changed? Where can I find more documentation?




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          RhoElements v2 support all Mobile Platforms:






          What specific device capabilities you need ?

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              I'm not really looking for any device capabilitie. I really just need the webkit based web browser HTML5 feature set, mainly websql support (anything else I get is a bonus).


              But for the hell of it - I put RhoElements on an Intermec CK71 and not only doesn't it not seem like I could register it (the area where I'd give the serial number is unrecognizable) - its also much slower performance wise and it doesn't appear I can even exit RhoElements - I end up having to reboot the device to exit the app.


              Maybe I answered my own question here... but if its supposed to run on other devices, maybe I'm just doing it wrong. Has anyone else tried it with any other devices?

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                  Do you use RhoElements v2 ?

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                      Yes. I just downloaded the latest version yesterday - version

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                          Darryn Campbell

                          Hi Ron,


                          The answer is it will work, we had it running on an Intermec CN50 and looking at the spec sheet for the CK71 that's also Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.3.


                          Here's the notes I made during that investigation with version 2.0:

                          It will not work with the default configuration (config.xml), you'll need to remove the Scanner and DeviceApplication modules from the preloads section.  Note a side effect of removing the Device Application plugin is that the hourglass will no longer show.


                          In addition any RhoElements functionality that relies on Motorola libraries will not work (obviously), here's a list of which modules I expect to work on the CK71.  Just to emphasise I didn't validate this list, it's just the behaviour I expect:


                          ·         Barcode Capture – No (the DLL will not even load)

                          ·         Card Reader – No

                          ·         Comm Port – Yes

                          ·         Configuration – Yes

                          ·         Controls (and Indicators) – Everything other than signal should work

                          ·         Device / Application plugin – No (the DLL will not even load)

                          ·         EMML Profiles – Yes

                          ·         File Management – Yes

                          ·         Gesture – Yes

                          ·         Image Capture – No

                          ·         Key Handling – No, this DLL will probably not load at all

                          ·         Network – Yes

                          ·         Preexisting JS Objects:

                          o   AirBeam – No

                          o   APD – Yes (guess)

                          o   Generic – Yes

                          o   NoSIP – Yes

                          o   ODAX - Yes

                          ·         Push – Yes

                          ·         Signature Capture - Yes


                          Hope that helps.  For 2.1 we are aiming to make this a bit more intuitive