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    jQuery Mobile Support with RhoElements on MC9190G (WinCE 6.0)

    Michael Teti

      I am currently developing content leverging jQuery Mobile on the MC9190G handheld.  Out of the box, this model runs Windows CE 6.0 on QVGA resolution (320x240).  It also has support for VGA resolution (640x480).  Unfortunately, it appears that the operating system cannot scale for VGA support.  However, RhoElements can scale properly.  Ths issue is that jQuery Mobile does not inherently support QVGA.  Minimum requirements is VGA for jQuery Mobile.


      So I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place with approachs: Usable Windows CE 6.0 at QVGA resolution running RhoElements without jQuery Mobile or Unusable Windows CE 6.0 at VGA resolution running RhoElements with jQuery Mobile?


      If anyone can has information on how to scale Windows CE 6.0 to be usable or has modified the jQuery Mobile to support QVGA, comments are greatly appreciated.


      Here's some screenshots of what I am experiencing:


      photo 9.JPGphoto 5.JPG
      photo 8.JPGphoto 4.JPG
      photo 6.JPGphoto 1.JPG

      photo 7.JPG

      photo 2.JPG
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          Jeffrey Kukkola

          Have you tried setting the Viewport meta tag?

          This may help you with sizing the screen.

          I have not tried JQuery Mobile yet on the devices.

          RhoElements V2 is supposed to support the Viewport setting.

          In V1 it is not supported but you can use
          Zoom.page = "1.0"; from Javascript"

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            Darryn Campbell

            Hi Michael,


            Why do you say the operating system does not scale for VGA, I presume it's by design that the controls are smaller, I actually prefer it.  Regardless, have you considered using RhoElements as your 'shell' and only granting users access to the on device applications you choose via generic.LaunchProcess?  That way you could run in VGA without needing to go out into the operating system.


            In terms of features between v1 and v2, those are in the release notes, previously the v1 release notes specifically stated we did not support the viewport tag, which was added for V2.


            wrt improving responsiveness the scrolling performance is slightly better on a QVGA screen (for obvious reasons), whenever I use an MC9190 the first thing I do is set it to QVGA so I haven't noticed the problems with JQuery Mobile at that resolution.

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