ET1 and page navigation problem with latest RhoElements

I have been running a webapp, comprised of a couple different pages. I have not had any trouble in navigating between pages on any of the previous RhoElement versions(ie. 1.0.?.?). But in the latest version (2.0), the same page navigation does not work anymore. When attempting to navigate now, the working icon will flash and after about 2-3 mins the page will time out. On a fresh start of the application, the navigation will work a few times then the hanging will set in. Once it times out, it can no longer view any page and the application needs to be restarted.

Has anyone else experienced any issues like this with the latest version? If so, any ideas on what might be causing it?

Attached is the log file from the device...

Jeff Haluska
It turns out that our problem

It turns out that our problem was the syncronous ajax calls we were making in the onload of a given page. Making the calls async and adjusting some page logic got us around the issue.

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