Windows CE 6 and Sample DateTime Popup

I have been trying to get the Date Time(one used in the samples) to work properly on the CE 6.0 device. The issue is when I use " target="_webapp"" in the href ofthe page to call the new page.

href="<%= url_for :action => :new %>" class="ui-btn-right" data-icon="plus" target="_webapp"


With the target="_webapp" in there it works fine on the iPhone and windows mobile RhoSimulator, but doesn't allow me to click and load the
"new" page on a CE 6.0 device  If I remove the target="_webapp" on the iPhone and Android, it doesn't pop the Date Picker to the foreground (could be a z-index issue). When I deploy to the CE, it will now load the new page, but will not display the date picker.

Any ideas?

Jeffrey Cookle
I pulled out all the JQuery

I pulled out all the JQuery JS Libraries in the layout.erb and that allowed the JavaScript to work again in the application.  I switched from DateTimeAJ to the non-ajax DateTime version, that worked well on CE 6.0 and also helped with the performance.

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