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    Debugger stops hitting break points in Eclipse editor.

    Chris Misztur

      Something strange is happening when I debug using the RhoSimulator.  It works for a day or two of debugging sessions then all of the sudden the breakpoints do not get hit in Eclipse editor.  In the terminal window I can see the debugger connecting and actually receiving a BP command.  The RhoSimulator is in a paused state, meaning that it is breaking.  However, on the Eclipse side the BP never gets hit.  Basically Eclipse acts as if I did a 'Run As' Instead of a 'Debug As'.  The fix is to create a new workspace and import my projects into the new workspace.  I'm on my 5th workspace now and have no clue how to troubleshoot.


      I installed RMS_02000527.dmg on my Mac Air Book at the APPFORUMS.  I also installed a TFS plugin as well as latest SOAPUI plugin into Eclipse.


      Thanks for any tips,