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    Rhoconnect synchronization data sotre



      We're following Rhoconnect synchronization example, storemanager and storeserver, and we have a question about data store.


      When we create an item and then we call “sync” function we see that it goes to Rhoconnect and it calls to query() and create() function. That’s right. But if we don’t return anything, query() function will remove all terminal items.


      At terminal, we have a database with one new item and we want to synchronize with Rhoconnect in order to tell to other terminals that there is a new item. That’s all.


      Must we store all items at rhoconnect (using a database or a text file) and then when we execute a query() function Rhoconnect will do a select to this?


      In your example, you use @base variable at initialize function,


      @base = 'http://rhostore.heroku.com/products'


      And then, at create function you do it. But we don't understand exactly what are you doing...


      rest_result = RestClient.get("#{@base}.json").body


      Could you help us?



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          What we are doing is that using JSON through which we are accessing the link provided under "@base" and through restclient we are getting the data from the link provided.


          I hope this helps.

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            Glenn Sayer

            Not sure is this answers your question or not.  When doing a sync you need to add the "sync_changes => true" in your app>settings>controller.rd in the dosync  call in the do_sync section.  This will cause the new items to be written before the query is done.


            SyncEngine.dosync(false,":search_params => {upc = @params['22']},:sync_changes => true")

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              Hamid Seleman



              rest_result = RestClient.get("#{@base}.json").body

              1. I think, what the above code does is making a synchronous http GET call to url "http://rhostore.heroku.com/products.json" and

              extract the body of the response in which where the result in json string is and assigned them to rest_result variable.

              If you paste, "http://rhostore.heroku.com/products.json" onto your browser, you'll get a json formatted result of all existing products.


              2. As I understand it, We need not to worry how RhoConnect app's redis store caches your data, it is managed by RhoConnect Syncronization service to keep your data synced between your back-end app and your rhodes app data. The RhoConnect by default is polling at 300 seconds interval (stated in settings.yml for each source adapter) your backed app for latest changes, fetches changes and apply them to the redis store. RhoConnect does not push any notification of changes to your rhodes app. Instead, your rhodes app should perform polling by calling SyncEngine.doSync. By default, RhoConnect Client in your rhodes app is polling the RhoConnect App at 5 minutes interval for any changes. You may programmatically change it by calling the following method:


              SyncEngine.set_pollinterval(0) # set to zero to disable polling or your desired interval in seconds


              alternatively this can be set in the rhodes runtime config (rhoconfig.txt) by adding the following:




              Make sure you enable your models for sync and set the Sync Server address in rhoconfig.txt


              my 2 cents, I hope that helps.