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    How do you rename a RhoConnect source adapter?

      I created a RhoConnect source adapter with one name and successfully ran and connected to RhoConnect on several occasions.  Then, I decided that I no longer wanted to use a source adapter with that name and renamed the file in RhoStudio and all instances where the source adapter was referenced in my files.


      When I try to start RhoConnect now, I get the following message (abbreviated):


      rhoconnect start

      Starting rhoconnect...

      Rhoconnect Server v3.2.0 started...

      ...gems/rhoconnect-3.2.0/lib/rhoconnect.rb:110:in `load': cannot load such file -- oldfilename.rb (LoadError)


      ...bin/rackup:19:in `load'

      ...bin/rackup:19:in `<main>'


      If I rename the file back to what it was before, Rhoconnect starts without throwing an error.  I looked at the command line options by doing 'rhoconnect help', but I do not see any option for renaming a source adapter file which tells me the only options I have are to delete the source adapter or rename it in the UI.


      Since renaming it in the UI is apparently breaking the build for some reason and I have no idea where it is storing the old name, is the only option to delete the source adapter or will that permanently cause a build error?  I doubt renaming files is that rare of an occurrence so I wonder why the old name is cached somewhere?


      Any help that can be provided would be appreciated.