Differences between native and hybrid app (developed using RhoElements)

I have identified the basic differences between the native and hybrid apps;  Can I find a similar list (with more details) somewhere in the Rho-documents? If not can the Rho-Experts validate this information below and add any missing items?

I basically need this info to present in my company, based on this they will set directions going forward. Thanks.

Sl. No. Item Native App Hybrid
  App (WebApp)
1 Connected/Disconnected mode Works in both connected and disconnected mode with
  the usage of RhoConnect.
  works in connected mode; With caching mechanism, a few controls,pages can be
  cached to the local device.
2 Data communication over wire Only Transactional Data is transferred back and
  forth. Pages are rendered from the local device
  Data + pages are transferred back and forth.
  Have to be vigilant as the data plans provided by smartphone providers
  are expensive
3 Application logic Will run on the device Will
  run on the backend server
4 RhoElements RunTime Is a part of native application that runs on the
  be installed on the devices

    Its close to 20MB on WM devices

5 Updates to the app Need to push updates to all the client devices No
  need to push updates as changes can be handled on the backend server; One
  time installation of RhoElements runtime and a thin client are required
6 Data Synchronization Data sync mechanism still required to support the
  app in disconnected mode
  need to sync data as the mobile device user's session is running on the

Anonymous (not verified)
Hi, I don't think we have any

Hi, I don't think we have any tables like that in the docs:

1. Correct

2. Largely correct.  It is possible to store your page on the devices in hybrid view (just put them on the device file system) but this makes it much more difficult to deploy and update your application.

3. Correct, unless you have application logic in your view (javascript) in which case it will also run on the device

4. Correct.  FYI about 13MB of the 20MB hybrid size is the WebKit engine, so your native application will also be that size if you use the RhoElements extension (app_type:rhoelements) and the Moto WebKit browser

5. Correct.  RhoHub can also help you push updates to client devices.

6. Correct.  I would suggest you look into using RhoConnect to synchronize your native application.  You may wish to synchronize data from your hybrid app, depending on your use case, a JavaScript interface is currently being added to RhoConnect to enable this.

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