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    App Store Invalid Binary

      I've been trying to get our Rhomobile built app loaded into the App Store via iTunesConnect.  Every time we upload the process gets through the signing process, uploads, and within a minute we see "invalid binary" on the app store submission.  No other information is provided.


      We've checked and re-checked the icons.   We've unzipped the .ipa and checked for errant symlinks or other issues there.    We've checked & re-checked the signatures on the distribution certs & provisioning profiles.   We've run the app on several IOS devices via a manual push (iTunes local loading of the app).


      We have even done a build & archive in XCode and run a validation.  The app validates.     Still, AppLauncher gets through the process and the app still ends up with "Invalid Binary" minutes later.


      I'm out of clues and Google results.   Anyone have some other things to check? 

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          Holy smokes, a CLUE!!!


          "Corrupt Icon File - The icon file icon114.png appears to be corrupt."


          That came back in an email from Apple tonight.   But here is how you get the useful info, and it is NOT with the Application Loader.   We have run that over a dozen times with small tweaks each time and NEVER received any indication as to what was wrong.   However, use the ARCHIVES system from within XCode and you get a more robust connection, or so it appears, with Apple.


          Make sure your project is set to "rhorunner > iOS Device".


          Go to the product menu and select build.


          Once the app builds, select "archive".


          The Xcode Organizer should open automatically and select the archives tab.  (If not you can open the organizer manually from the main XCode menu).


          From here you can select the rhorunner archive and validate or distribute separately.   There are different buttons for each. 


          In our case validate always came back "validated" an distribution came back "submitted for further review".   Only with this method did we receive any sort of email indication with a clue as to what may be wrong.  The above message will hopefully allow us to review & fix the corrupt PNG (which oddly opens in the Preview app).




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              Finally, some progress!!!


              Turns out there is a problem with Xcode and how it packages files.    Some PNG files are corrupted when the "Compress PNG Files" option is set to yes within the Xcode project.   I set that to no, re-build my project using the Xcode archive utility, posted, and I'm now past the "Invalid Binary" issue.

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                  FWIW I can't open png files from any of my other installed apps from the app store (i.e. soundcloud is the one I tried).  I don't think png files from app binaries are supposed to be accessbile outside of the running app on your device.

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                      The apps bundled in the package are not readable, that is true.  But the PNG files used to put INTO the app to begin with should be.   They are, in our case, however the App upload process still flagged ONE of the several PNG files as "invalid PNG file".   


                      That is because the compression/decompression routine being used by Apple on the Xcode and app-runner processes are flawed.     Good PNG in, Xcode compresses and puts in IPA archive, app runner extracts PNG and decompresses, bad PNG out.      Turn off the compression and the problem goes away.

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                  Please try to use rhodes Master branch - now all issues was fixed.

                  Now you can build IPA file by rake device:iphone:production and submit it by Application Loader (installed with XCode).

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                    Armen Malxasyan

                    USER03296 USER04294   FYI the same issue happens to me right now.