Jquery not Working for Windows Mobile 6.0 in Rhomobile

I have just created one demo project for Windows Mobile 6.0 using Rhostudio. In the first page i'm declaring one input text field with some id let say

      <input type="text" id="myTextInput" value="somevalue" />

and then on an anchor click i'm fetching the value and trying to display it in the alert.

      <a href="#" onclick="showAlert();">Click to Show Alert</a>

and the scripting function is

      function showAlert()
var value = $('#myTextInput').val();

I inspected and found that it throws exception "Object expected" at the line 1 of the function i.e

      var value = $('#myTextInput').val();

So please can anyone help me with this?

I'm using Rhostudio, rhodes 3.2.3, Windows Mobile 6 SDK Refresh, Visual Studio 2008 Pro.

So where's the problem lies?


Ashis Kumar

Cross Platform Mobile Developer

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Ashis Kumar
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