Questions on ET1

·         Is there any way to wirelessly push files (including system update files) to the ET1 WITHOUT using MSP?


·         Is there any way to wirelessly PULL the application and data files from the device to a PC as a means to backup the customer data (without MSP)?


·         Some applications have a dependency on Google Maps being installed on the device. Is there any way to accomplish this on the ET1?


·         Will we ever support Google Maps on ET1?


·         When will ET1 have Ice Cream Sandwich?


·         Where is the application data stored on the ET1 and how can that be accessed remotely to backup the data?


·         Is Active Directory login supported? Can this be used for application control (rights and privileges)?


·         Can photo images taken by the camera be stored somewhere OTHER than the SD? How can they be re-directed to a different folder?