Android Ice Cream Sandwich bug


I'm experiencing problems with my app when run from ICS Android devices.

It works if I'm in a wifi connection but crashes on startup (and shows a blank white screen) when using mobile connection.

This happens only in our two phones with ICS:

Samsung Galaxy S3 - with stock Samsung ICS ROM

Samsung Galaxy S - with Cyanogen Mod 9 ICS ROM

Any clues about this?

EDIT: Those two phones have ICS version 4.0.4 I've tried in a Galaxy S2 with 4.0.3 and it works.

Alexey Tikhvinsky
I cannot reproduce with

I cannot reproduce with Google (Samsung) Galaxy Nexus.

Most probably this problem depends on mobile network provider... There were other reports with same behavior with different Android versions...

Would you please look at /etc/hosts file at device anyhow and post its content here? It will be helpful for us since we cannot reproduce the problem in our lab...

UPD: run 'adb pull /etc/hosts' or just use any free file browser directly on device

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Daniel López Lacalle
Hi,well, might be the network


well, might be the network provider as those two phones have the same: Yoigo, an spanish MVNO. I'll try and check with a SIM of a non-MVNO company if I can find one...

The contents of /etc/hosts file in both is just:

UPD: I tested in the Galaxy S with a SIM of Vodafone, which is a non virtual mobile operaror and the app works well. So as it seems... it might be something related to MVNO's?

For phones to work with an MVNO you usually have to enable roaming (or at least national roaming if your phone allows it), maybe is something related to that too.

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