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    Motorola ET1 AVD

      I am trying to create an Android Virtual Device for the Motorola ET1. Can someone please provide ET1 settings for the following values:


      Target Android API Level: 2.3.3 - API Level 10


      SD Card support:
      SD Card size:


      Resolution: 1024 x 600
      Abstracted LCD density:
      LCD pixel height:
      LCD panel width:
      LCD color depth:
      LCD backlight:
      Touch-screen support:
      Multi-touch screen support:
      Orientation support:


      Device ram size:
      Ideal size of data partition:
      Ideal size of system partition:
      Max VM application heap size:
      Cache partition size:
      Cache partition support:


      Keyboard lid support:
      Keyboard support:
      Hardware Back/Home keys:
      Track-ball support:


      Camera support: yes
      Maximum horizontal camera pixels:
      Maximum vertical camera pixels:
      Number of emulated web cameras:


      Audio recording support:
      Audio playback support:


      DPad support:
      Temperature support:
      GPU emulation:
      GSM modem support:
      Magnetic field support:
      Proximity support:
      Battery support:
      GPS support:

        • Re: Motorola ET1 AVD

          To the best of my knowledge, you can't make one.  The question was broached when I was having trouble installing the RhoElements APK to an AVD: https://developer.motorolasolutions.com/thread/1781


          In other words, it isn't currently possible to install RhoElements apk to an AVD and RhoElements is required in order to run any RhoElements app created with RhoStudio.  So, you're restricted to using only the RhoSimulator or a physical ET1 device (Edit: or any other android physical device that has been set up properly; however, it will only work on a Motorola device without paying for a licence).