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We are facing with RhoStudio while run the unit test cases for a Rhodes(Rhoelement) application .

When we are running Rhodes test case the error is: “no such file to load mspec/matchers” though we’ve added it in
the build.yml file as extensions [“mspec”, “fileutils”].

My understanding is when I run the application to run test cases it seems that it is again resetting the
build.yml file and removing the mspec and fileutils extension from .yml file.

I remember during the AppForum that there was an issue reported with the build.yml file overwritten by RhoStudio but I can't remember what the fixs was. 

If there anyone that remebers what the fix was?

Peter Arcuri
I believe this post may apply

I believe this post may apply to the issue you're having with build.myl file. It's a workaround to avoiding the .yml file from being re-initialized.

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