Android (ET1) and Shared Mode

Is there a way to verify on an ET1 Android device that the application I deployed is running in shared mode?  I was deploying the application right to the device for testing.  I then installed the shared runtime and in my build.yml specified:

use_shared_runtime: true

What I noticed is that the application size is still the same size as before.  I was expecting it to be more like WM where the package size would be reduced and response time would be a little better.

Any guidance would be appreciated.     I am on the latest release of RhoStudio.


Anonymous (not verified)
Hi Jeffrey,It is a known

Hi Jeffrey,

It is a known issue in RMS 2.0.5 that the shared runtime on Android does not function the same as on Windows, this is due to restrictions that Android enforces regarding sharing of resources between application instances.

I would recommend not using or installing the shared runtime if you are only writing native applications to avoid confusion.  The primary use case for the shared runtime on Android is to enable quick development of hybrid only applications (those which do not require ruby)


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Nrusingha Chara...
Hello Jeffrey,Please specify

Hello Jeffrey,

Please specify use_shared_runtime: yes in your build.yml

Refer section Enabling shared Mode

for more information

I think this should fix the issue.

Thank You.


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