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    Printing to an IP Printer

      Has anyone had any experience with communicating to an Epson TM-T88VE IP Printer?


      We was wondering if the APD drivers support talking directly to the printer and if we could get any examples that would be helpful.




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          Hi Ricky,


          The Epson TM-T88VE is compatible with the ESC/POS command set which is supported by APD.

          Please try to configure it as a "A-type" printer.

          From the APD - Printer Type Codes document I read that examples of type-A printers are:


          A Printers using “Escape P” or similar command set

          A10 Citizen CMP-10

          A12 Brother MW-120

          A22 Citizen PD-22


          I think that you can you can suffix any model number after the "A", but that has to be consistent with the Format and Template file extensions that you use.

          For instance, if you configure APD to work with a printer of type "A10", the format and template file names must have A10 as extension.


          Unfortunately I don't have sample files for A-type printers at the moment to share with you, but I'll try to get hold of something.


          Kind Regards,


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            Hi Ricky,


            are you looking solution like this ? over wi-fi network connect you MC9190-G / MC7090 Device with EPSON Termal printer ?


            i did this way : reply me if this type solution you are looking.



            • Printing to an IP Printer

              Hi Ricky,


              I personally don't have any Epson printer in hands, but I presume you should be able to talk to such printers as they support ESC/P language, which is also supported by APD.

              For what concerns "talking directly" to the printer, could you please give me further details about it? APD has a primitive called sendString which might be what you are after.


              If you're able to provide me with a simple explanation of what you're trying to achieve, I might be able to put an example together.