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    AsyncHttp.get fails on Windows Mobile Device with Error 1359

    Yuriy Volyanskyy


      We are consuming a RESTful service using AsyncHttp (HTTPS). The call succeeds on the RhoSimulator for Windows Mobile, but fails when run on the device (ES400).

      I read that HttpOpenRequest may have problems with SSL here - http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/forums/en-US/vssmartdevicesnative/thread/4b360e29-e4ed-4290-8ee1-e27096992591.

      I'm not sure it's the same issue.


      Here is the calling code:


                :url => 'https://some.domain.com/Authentication/Authentication.svc/authenticate/resource?clientid' + @params['clientid'] + '&pin=' + @params['pin']',

                :callback => (url_for :action => :do_login_callback),

                :callback_param => "" )


      Here is the log:

      I 06/26/2012 19:23:32:181 6af078ee           HttpServer| Process URI: '/app/DriverLogin/do_login'

      I 06/26/2012 19:23:32:204 6af078ee                  APP| RHO serve: /app/DriverLogin/do_login

      I 06/26/2012 19:23:32:216 6af078ee                  APP| Params: {"clientid"=>"0000", "pin"=>"0000"}

      I 06/26/2012 19:23:32:225 6af078ee            AsyncHttp| addCommand: GET

      I 06/26/2012 19:23:32:244 6af078ee           HttpServer| GC Start.

      I 06/26/2012 19:23:32:276 6af078ee           HttpServer| GC End.

      I 06/26/2012 19:23:32:441 47d16642            AsyncHttp| Starting main routine...

      I 06/26/2012 19:23:32:443 47d16642                  Net| Method: GET;Url: https://some.domain.com/Authentication/Authentication.svc/authenticate/resource?clientid=0000&pin=0000

      I 06/26/2012 19:23:32:446 47d16642                  Net| Internet connection exist, use it

      E 06/26/2012 19:23:32:633 47d16642                  Net| Call HttpOpenRequest failed. Url:https:/some.domain.com/Authentication/Authentication.svc/authenticate/resource?clientid=0000&pin=0000. With code : 1359


      ClientID and PIN are replaced with 0's.

      Have anybody experienced such issues?

      Please, advise.