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    How can we debug a rhoconnect application

      How can we debug a rhoconnect application?  We have run the rake rhoconnect:spec command and can see plenty of errors.  But, without a debugging tool, it is mighty difficult for us to proceed further.  So, any help towards helping us to successfully debug


      The sample store application, connecting to http://rhostore.heroku.com/products runs fine on my machine.  I tried creating my own service and wanted to connect to it through the rhoconnect application.  On seeing failure messages, I wanted to debug.  While there is documentation on how to go about debugging a rhomobile application (for example, store), there is none that talks about debugging a rhoconnect application (storeserver).  Can you help me do this?


      I did go through running the rhoconnect:spec command and found a few errors.  This does not help much.