REv2 - Connect to SQL backend database.

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I need help concerning connecting to SQL Server database using REv2 native application (RhoMobile v2 Suite)... What are my options here and what is the best way to go. Questions:

1.) Is it necessary to use RhoConnect? Or is RhoConnect only for Syncing data and keeping it locally then Sync it back again to the Server when something got changed on the device? Does  the RhoConnect app talk to the backend database directly? or building a web service is necessary? Can you please send me a simple RhoConnect app that is working? I already tried getting the StoreServer app but it didnt run for me..Do you know what configuration would I be missing? in the config file for example?....

2.) What options do I have other than RhoConnect to connect to the database? Can it be that I connect directly to web services or directly to the database itself? Will I be able to work in offline mode also if I can go this way?

3.) For the device capabilities, if I want to use the Barcode feature, can I enable the scanner using javascript just like RE v1?

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Divyansh Madan
1.For SQL databse ,you should

1.For SQL databse ,you should have a server say apache and then you can give that link under syncserver category and try that.

2.You can either connect to the web service or have a server connected to your database and connect to  that server.

3.For barcode feature,

     this may help

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