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    Rhoconnect sends 0 records synchronizing huge amount of data

    erika contiero

      Hi all,


      I have a problem in synchronizing my rhomobile app with my rhoconnect installation on Linux Ubuntu:

      synchronizing a model with more than 1000 record sometimes falls into a timeout error, and RhoConnect Console shows the following text into error document






      and the device app log shows "Got 0(Processed: 0) records of 0 from server".

      In other cases I obtain the same empty result but console error document doesn't say anything, the client document has the correct list of records, but cd_size document shows "0".

      I try to set thin options (/etc/thin/myapp.yml) "timeout" and "wait" with larger values, I try to increase rhoconfig.txt "net_timeout" option, but huge models still sync 0 records.

      My tests shows that this behaviour appears only when synchronizing a huge amount of data, but I can't get out of this problem because in Ubuntu terminal I can't see any debug line.

      Any idea about this behaviour?


      Thank you so much.