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    RhoElements App fails to fully launch sometimes.

      I'm having an issue with consistently being able to load my RhoElements app on my ET1 device.  It seems almost random that it loads everything correctly and I'm not sure how to go about debugging this since it works every time, consistently, on the simulator.  I've tried clearing the cache and forcing it to stop between launches, and it doesn't appear to affect the probability of it failing.  Furthermore, uninstalling/reinstalling doesn't appear to affect it either.


      If it helps any, the app dynamically builds all of the html that is displayed through javascript.  What I have is tabs and then icons that are displayed within each tab container respectively.  However, randomly, when I try to launch the app those icons don't show up.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Has anyone else had an issue where launching the application gives inconsistent results?


      EDIT:  I fixed the issue.  I was a problem with the page asynchronously loading certain elements before others.  I'm new to web dev so this sort of snuck up on me.