802.1x Cached Credentials for Server Access

My Customer will be using a CE5 device with 802.1x PEAP authentication.  They may also use TLS authentication as well.


The devices are intended for Gift Registry users (My Customers customers), so My Customer requires no user intervention for sign-on to the wireless network and the associated file server the device needs to send the uploaded gift registry lists to.


For PEAP, The device will authenticate to the 802.x network with a “service account”.  This service account will be in the same domain as their kiosk server they want to upload to.


The normal course of operations for the Gift Registry device is real time RF communications.  In the event that the device does not have RF access to the Gift Registry Server, the device will have a batch mode.   When in this batch mode, the device will need to “silently” connect to a server in the domain and upload the batch file without a server credential box.


We are currently getting prompted on the CE5 device for server logon credentials.  How can we get the 802.11x credentials properly cached so that we do not get the “Logon To Network Server” sign in box for a server that is in the same domain?

On a CE5.0 device with Microsoft Wireless Zero Config, if the user checks the “Save Password” box on the initial 802.11x sign in, the device will connect to the server without this box being prompted.


The device My Customer will be using has the Symbol Fusion Radio Driver.   What does the Fusion driver need to do to cache the credentials to allow access to a server on the same domain?


The System Integrator guide for the Symbol device indicates that the credentials are cached on the device by using the Fusion Profile Editor.