Actual WM5 reported link status when STATIC IP and failed authentication

When using static IP addresses, if credentials are wrong (so actually there is no link), WM5 still says that link is fine!

Obviously, with DHCP, device does not get any IP, so it works...

In fact, WM5 toolbar icon shows these two arrows.

All that is taken in account is coverage, in other words, Layer 1 status. If one goes off, then the icon shows this x.

Intermec works fine, if auth fails, their WM2003 reports that there is no link.

As a result of this, in Spanish Post application, when credentials are wrong, Intermec comes out with an error in 25 seconds, while MC70 takes 3 minutes to. Of course, this depends on the application...

Is there a way to prevent this?

David Meyer
There is no workaround for

There is no workaround for this, as the Fusion software will post the static IP address information to Microsoft right away. Also, there is no way for an application to query Authentication status from Fusion (Fusion reports association, but not authentication).

In my opinion, this would be an excelent GRIP request and I suggest that you open a GRIP on this.

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