101 How to print with MC9090 WM05 to a USB desktop printer

This only a proof of concept,

Printing with a MC9090 WM05 in USB host mode on a generic desktop usb printer.

HDW required

1 MC9090 WM05

2 The MC9000 cradle or ADP9000 with the USB cable


4 A USB printer (in my case a EPSON Stylus Photo 895)

SW required

XP with active sync

WM05 and SymScript

How perform the printing

The OS on the terminal address the USB printer as LPTx: and use a generic PCL3 drivers. To avoid all issue and made a demo just following this procedure.

On your PC print in a file (with the driver of the target printer: EPSON Stylus Photo 895) the document or the images. The result output (test.prn)  must be copied to the root of the terminal.

Then create this symscript that send the test.prn to the USB printer:

SendFile “\test.prn” Port=LPT1: CRLF=1

Of course before run the symscript connect the printer to the terminal and remember to put the USB in host mode using the applet on the settings -> system -> USBConfig. 

This method do not required software or extra driver or programming, is just for demo and functionality example. 

My biggest output was a 6 MB prn from a A4 bmp images.




Mark Mann
Hi Alarico, Have you tested

Hi Alarico,

Have you tested this with a WLAN connection printing to a desktop printer?  Looking to see if anyone has done this with a MC9190 as I have a customer having some issues.  See below:

My Requirement                        :        Printing text file from MC9190 through VB.Net application (by clicking a button in the                                                                 application) to any printer. Atleast the ones i am using in my office (Lexmark T654dn, Canon ir C2880/C3380                                                 PCL5c). I am able to print the file by providing its network path and credentials to Canon, but not to Lexmark.

My Experience with scanners        :        No experience with scanners.
Software Installed in Desktop        :        Installed EMDK
Scanner Model                        :        MC9190 G
Reference Document                :        Sample program provided the Symbol, when installed EMDK.

What i want from Motorola                :         Want to know what are the minimum software (dlls etc..)/hardware/Printer requirements for my                                                 above requirement

What i did ?                                :        I am creating a text file (say "abc.txt") of the scanned items. In the click event of a button in                                                         the vb.net application, i wrote / copy pasted the sample print program.

                                                here is the program line and the error:

                                                I am thinking something missing in my Desktop, to execute this line. I don't know what are the other errors i am                                                 going to get. I stuck over here. No one i knows in my office, how to write program for printing for this scanner.

                                               Dim prnDoc As New PrintDocument


                                               "Print_CreateDC failed: PRINTAPI_REG_NO_MORE_ITEMS"


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