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    CardReader Rhomobile example

      I have an application that will reader credit cards and am trying to implement that functionality in Ruby using the CardReader module. According to the documentation (http://edgedocs.rhomobile.com/rhoelements/cardreader), "By default the Ruby Object 'CardReader' will exist on the current page and can be used to interact directly with the CardReader". However when I run the application, and get to the point of enabling the reader, I get this error:

      "e.message""uninitialized constant Controller::CardReader"


      In my erb file I am using an ajax call to enable the CardReader:

        function enableScanner() {

          $.get('/app/Order/enable_cardReader', {});



      In my controller I am attempting to enable the CardReader:

        def enable_cardReader




            CardReader.pinTimeout = '30000';

            CardReader.pinEntry = 'OFF';

            CardReader.readEvent = url_for(:action => :cardReader_callback)

          rescue Exception => e

            puts e.message





      Does anyone have a working example of how to use the CardReader funtionality?

      Thank you.