$AVINGS now $500 a pop/THIRD TIME IS A CHARM-please pitch in

Update for Team:  so far we have 170 collected-thanks to YOUR terrific teamwork and support. So going for a third time is a charm....any more 8000 terminals out there?? Finance has updated us on the value to Symbol to have these old units returned. $500, not $200 as originally thought.

ORIGINAL MESSAGE: Team: I'm well aware this is not the best e-communication tool for such a reach out, but not sure how else to get the word out (suggestions welcome!)     

....We are seeking old 8000 terminals for an engineering project here at OSP....any condition is welcome!!

Please use cheapest way (including your travel bags if visiting OSP in the next weeks) to send to my attention:

Diana Melick

Mailstop B-6/ OneSymbol Plaza, Holtsville, NY 11742

Thanks so ever much for your support and collaboration! Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday, Diana