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    RhoElements Application using JQueryMobile and Sencha Touch

    Prashant J

      I had a few questions on using 'Sencha Touch 2' components instead of 'JQuery mobile' in my Rhoelements application.
      My goal is to write an RhoElements app with a few screens that would use device features like scanners and RhoConnect (in future).


      1. Can I replace the 'JQuery mobile' components within Rhoelements application with 'Sencha touch 2' components?
      Components are mainly the Java scripts. Will this work?


      2. How tightly are other modules/files in RhoElements tied to JQuery mobile. Will I run into issues later?
      For example - are the JQueryMobile function calls used to read the scanner data on any device or is scanner related logic in in the Rhoelements?


      3. Is 'Sencha Touch' supported by Rhoelements? If yes, can you point me to further details of supported versions?
      For example: RhoElements V2 supports JQueryMobile 1.0.1, any similar details available with Sencha Touch?


      4.  Is css a part of Rhoelements or is it a part of JQueryMobile?


      5. Can JQueryMobile and 'Sencha Touch' coexist in a Rho-application?
      For example - Can I use features from JQmobile on Screen1 and use 'Sencha Touch' features on Screen2?


      6. Will the app developed with this combination (Sencha touch + rho elements) work on all the target devices that rho elements support? I am mainly looking it to work on Windows Mobile, iOS and andriod.


      Please provide links to documents or sample apps if available.