On-screen keyboard partially missing (RhoElements 2 on 9200 beta)

Hi all, in our web app we put together, using RhoElements as the browser on a MC9190 device (9200 beta unit) with Windows embedded compact 7, when using debug's keyboard button in the upper-right hand corner, the keyboard is cut off which makes it impossible to access symbols or numbers. Restarting the device doesn't resolve this issue.

In general we've notice a lot of on-screen keyboard issues on this device, and while most are resolved via a restart, this particular one is not. Wondering if this is a known issue or if there might be a way to fix it through the config.


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Hi,Yeah they keyboard


Yeah they keyboard handling on CE7 was a nightmare!  It took me all day to investigate and resolve but all keyboard issues should be fixed / not present with framework version 2.1, due out towards the end of this month.



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